Software Projects

My Disney Experience - Walt Disney World

iOS App

This iOS mobile application not only offers an enhanced way for guests inside and out of Disney’s Central Florida theme parks to check ride and show wait times, browse maps, and make dining reservations, it also links to Disney’s NextGen Fastpass system. This app is available in Apple’s iTunes store in iPhone and iPad versions.

Steam Team Station - Thomas The Train


The Duo Steam Team Station connects wirelessly with iPad for active adventures on the Island of Sodor. Choose from up to three interactive adventures that come with the free Steam Team Station game app. The first two adventures are free. You can purchase an additional game, Seek and Find Adventure, through an in-app purchase.

Zombie Banksters - iPad - iPhone App

iOS App

Playing off the world economic collapse and the bailout of the big banks which who later became know as "Zombie Banks"... "Zombie Banksters" is a tounge-in-cheek iPad - iPhone casual game. It mixes the Zombie game genre with real world economic concerns to give a different meaning to "Wall Street" verus "Main Street". As the subtitle suggests "They don't want your brains they want your bank account!"

RBP Draw and Sketch - iPad App

iPad App

Designed to focus on the artwork and nothing more it works for kids, teens and anyone who loves to draw. No complicated menus to navigate. Just sketch and go! On your next trip to your favorite coffee bar why not sketch out your next big idea or create some new art!! After your illustration is done save your art to your iPad Photo Library for sending to friends! Soon to be released for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Virtual Museum

Fans of the beloved Uncle Forry can visit the Ackermonster's mansion anytime they please. Sci-fi, Horror, movie and fantasy memorabilia, including virtual reality, movie clips, audio interviews, photos and text. The museum itself is broken up into three main halls and a virtual theater. Science fiction, fantasy, horror and film each has many rooms, which contain various pictures and artifacts.

Virtual City

Avatars could explore our huge 3D re-creation of Venezia (Venice), the center of arts and culture in Europe for hundreds of years. We provided real-time live concert broadcasts, masked balls, dancing, interactive tours, shops and gondola rides in this romantic Italian city of perfect enchantment.

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